URGENT: MASSIVE New Gun Control Bill Filed in Albany!

If you thought that with violent crime rates exploding across New York State the deranged leftists in the legislature would apologize for what they’ve done and work to restore law and order, I’ve got some very bad news for you.

Instead of reversing their policies of demonizing and defunding our cops — while releasing thousands of violent predators from prison and putting them back onto our streets — THE LEGISLATURE IS DECLARING WAR ON GUN OWNERS LIKE YOU AND ME!

While we’ve been fighting against close to a dozen freedom shredding bills in Albany since session began in January, a new bill has been filed that rolls all of these threats into one massive attack against gun owners and the Second Amendment.

It’s essential that you sign your OFFICIAL PETITION opposing this legislation, so that the politicians in Albany knows that every gun owner in the state is aware of AB-7771 and will hold them accountable if they support it!

More on that in a moment. First, I want to make sure you have the full picture on what’s happening in Albany right now.

You see, while there are multiple AOC-style communists in both chambers of the legislature who want to destroy our gun rights and everything else that we love about New York State, a growing number of vulnerable Democrats in Albany are getting scared about the 2022 election cycle.

They know that Joe Biden’s poll numbers have plunged into the gutter after he abandoned Americans in Afghanistan and gave the Taliban 85 million dollars’ worth of military equipment. 

Between that, soaring inflation here at home, and a stunning immigration disaster taking place right now on our Southern border, Albay Democrats are scared that Biden may cost them control of the State Senate next fall.

And that means that we may be able to crush this legislation, if gun owners across the state take action now!

AB-7771 is the kind of bill that would make China’s Chairman Mao smile. It’s designed to DESTROY the Second Amendment rights of millions of New Yorkers, leaving us helpless against criminals and tyrants alike.


It does that by adding a massive list of requirements before you would be ‘allowed’ to buy a rifle or shotgun. Some of these details include:

>>> Requiring gun owners to provide notarized proof that you’ve passed a state-administered mental health exam before you can buy any rifle or shotgun!

This is the very definition of tyranny. And you can bet that anyone who admits to being a Christian, voting for President Trump, or being proud to be an American will fail this test.

>>> Requiring gun owners to provide notarized proof that you’ve passed a state-administered drug test before you can buy a rifle or shotgun!

This is blatantly unconstitutional. And anyone who says, ‘Well, I don’t want drunk people owning a rifle’ is missing the fact that this is just one more way to disarm us.

>>> Requiring gun owners to submit to a five-hour safety course     every time you want to buy a shotgun or rifle, including a live fire shooting test where you need to score at least 90% to be able to possess the gun!

In other words, you shouldn’t be able to stop a home invader or your wife/daughter shouldn’t be able to stop a would-be rapist unless you can shoot as good a police officer.

>>> Requiring gun owners to provide a receipt, documenting the safe that you’ll store the rifle or shotgun in should you be allowed to purchase it.

You see, if you’ve been able to jump through all of the hoops listed above and actually bought a long gun, the statists in Albany want to make sure that you could never access it in time to defend yourself against a criminal.  


These stipulations won’t stop a single criminal from robbing, raping, or murdering his way across New York State. Criminals will ignore all of these, like they’ve ignored New York’s existing gun control laws.

But make no mistake, this legislation was never designed to stop violent criminals. It was designed to stop gun owners like you and me from being able to defend ourselves against criminals and tyrants!

Many gun rights organizations are afraid to talk about this. But the truth is that our gun rights have nothing to do with hunting. And while guns are the best tool for stopping criminals, even that isn’t the primary reason for the Second Amendment.

The real reason for the Second Amendment, the reason why our Founding Fathers codified this God-given right into our Constitution, is because it’s the final protection against overt tyranny!  

Today’s raging socialists in Congress — and right here in our own state legislature — understand this. They know that before they can turn America into a socialist dictatorship, they have to deal with 100 million citizens who own 400 million guns.

That’s what legislation like AB-7771 is designed to do: set up the process to subjugate proud gun owners in America and ultimately disarm every single one of us.


But as I mentioned earlier, the AOC-style crazies in Albany have a real problem on their hands as Joe Biden is rapidly becoming a millstone around their necks.

The few remaining moderate Democrats in the legislature, along with every single Democrat in a swing district, are rapidly getting scared that pushing legislation like this will cost them the Senate during next year’s election cycle!

That’s why I think that we can defeat this wicked legislation if enough gun owners stand with us and flood the legislature with calls, email, and petition opposing it!

 The NYS Firearms Association is preparing a massive program to make this happen, using a combination of tools to engage hundreds of thousands of gun owners across the state. This program will include:

1. Ads and updates on our digital and social media platforms so gun owners can get this information (and be able to share it with other gun owners) FAST!

These platforms allow us to reach out to large numbers of gun owners in the most cost-efficient way available.

2. Real time updates on this bill to tens of thousands of gun owners through our email program, allowing them to contact their legislators in Albany automatically!

NYSFA state-of-the-art email program allows gun owners to send a pre-written email directly to their specific legislator, making it easier than ever to take action!

3. A massive direct mail program to hundreds of thousands of gun owners, ensuring that our petitions pour into Albany!

Our direct mail program is incredibly effective at mobilizing gun owners. What’s more, Mark Zuckerberg and other Big Tech companies can’t censor these updates!    

This is just the start. If needed, NYSFA will also be ramping up radio and cable TV ads in swing seats, to ensure that Politicians in these swing districts are feeling the heat!

This is what makes the NYS Firearms Association different from every other organization in Albany. We don’t just wring our hands and complain while our freedoms are under attack, we confront the politicians that are doing it head on!

Of course, the program that I laid out above is only going to be possible with support from NYSFA members like you. And that’s why I hope you’ll make a generous donation of $100 or even $250 after you’ve signed your petition.

I know it’s a lot. But we’re facing an unprecedented threat and we need to know how much ammo we can expend in this fight.

If that’s just not possible, please consider $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so we can push back against AB-7771.

It’s been a rough six months for gun owners. But we’ve fought like hell and stopped almost everything in Albany last session and Joe Biden hasn’t passed a single bill through Congress because of overwhelming pressure from gun owners!

We can do the same thing in Albany; we can defeat this legislation. But I need your help. So please sign your petition and make a generous donation right away!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. The freedom-hating leftists in Albany have just dropped a massive gun control bill that, if passed, would make it all but impossible for ANYONE other than criminals to possess rifles or shotguns in New York State.

Through a combination of mental health tests, drug tests, and ridiculous live fire training exercises, AB-7771 is designed to disarm gun owners, leaving us defenseless!

But this bill is so bad that even some of the Democrats in Albany are getting concerned that the blowback may hurt their re-election chances next year. That means that we may be able to stop this bill, if we take action.


Once you’ve signed your petition, you’ll have the chance to make a donation to help the NYS Firearms Association fight back against this legislation and I hope you’ll be generous!

Donate $250, $100, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford, to help us FIGHT BACK against this new threat in Albany!