Urgent: Senate Vote Coming on Dettelbach!

While we’re working around the clock to stop the massive gun control push in D.C. right now, there’s another threat that you can’t forget about.

Chuck Schumer announced that he’s going to try to ram Steve Dettelbach’s nomination to run the gun-grabbing ATF through the Senate this week — in fact the cloture vote may happen tonight!

We all know what this is.

The ATF is nothing more than Joe Biden’s shock troops in his tyrannical war against gun owners, and Steve Dettelbach will be the figurehead leading this attack!


If you watched any of his confirmation hearings, you know that Dettelbach hates gun owners and the Second Amendment deeply.

A long-time D.C. insider, Dettelbach is publicly on record as supporting a long list of tyrannical gun control, including:

>>> A total ban on the sale of AR-15s and hundreds of similar firearms, along with the magazines that we need to run them. To be clear, Dettelbach supports bringing felony charges against law-abiding Americans who buy these rifles!

>>> Establishing a national registry of every firearm and every gun owner under the guise of ‘Universal Background Checks.’ The left wants this data to lay the groundwork for eventual gun confiscation!

>>> Putting gun owners with a variety of misdemeanor convictions on the ‘prohibited persons’ NICS list. Once we go down this road and put non-felons into NICS, millions of gun owners will be disarmed!

But that’s just the beginning. Dettelbach also supports seizing guns from people who are seeking help for mental health difficulties, who have never been adjudicated as defective.


Dettelbach’s nomination is part of the Radical Left’s long-term program to dismantle the Second Amendment and attack law-abiding gun owners like you and me.

They know that gun control legislation comes and goes. But the ATF has the budget and the manpower to attack gun owners through bureaucratic tyranny forever.

To do that, they need a ‘true believer’ to lead this scandal-ridden agency and that’s where Dettelbach comes in.

Make no mistake: while every gun owner in the country despised David Chipman when he tried to become the ATF Director last year, Steve Dettelbach is every bit the tyrant that Chipman was.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand need to hear from you immediately. Remind them that voting to confirm Steve Dettelbach will be another nail in their party’s coffin during the 2022 midterms!


Then I hope you’ll agree to an immediate donation to make sure that the NYS Firearms Association can fight against this madman’s nomination until the very last moment!  

If enough gun owners stand together, we may still be able to defeat Dettelbach’s nomination.


As gun owners, we’re in the biggest fight that we’ve seen since the Manchin-Toomey battle of 2013. The Radical Left knows their grip on power is slipping in D.C. as the midterms loom large.

They are making their last stand! Help us hold the line!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. The Senate will be holding its final vote on Steve Dettelbach’s nomination to run the ATF at any moment. In fact, the ‘cloture’ vote may happen tonight!

Don’t let up. Send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand right away, reminding them that voting for Dettelbach will cost them and their party during the midterms.


Then I hope you’ll donate, so we can fight to stop this tyrant from running the ATF and using it to attack law-abiding gun owners across the country.

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