Video: Hunter Biden and the Weaponization of Law Enforcement!

One of the defining characteristics of America, that made us the envy of the world for almost 250 years, was our justice system.

Unlike so many other nations, in America, the government didn’t have the power to wreck the lives of its political opponents.

Unlike so many other nations, in America, citizens weren’t arrested or convicted of crimes without the government having to prove their guilt in a court of law.

And unlike so many other nations, in America, justice was blind. You went to prison (or were cleared of charges) based on what you had done, not based on who you knew.

Sure, there were abuses. But generally, things were done fairly.

But with the Biden Crime Family in the White House, all of that is changing before our very eyes. And there is no better case study of the decline of our legal system than Hunter Biden.

But while the Radical Left and their allies are attacking the underpinnings of our justice system, they have a problem.

America is not some impoverished 3rd World continent or an Asian nation where the people are completely unarmed. This is America, and our nation was born out of rebellion to tyranny!

And as long as we preserve our Second Amendment, Americans simply will not be able to be subjugated the way the Left wants.

Please join us in this fight!


America’s love of God, freedom, and justice made us the greatest nation on earth. We’re fighting to preserve that heritage.

Stand with us today!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association