VOTE PENDING in Albany on 80% Lowers!

Hurry, there isn’t much time.

Late Wednesday, with virtually no notice, the Senate passed S.13 and S.14 which deals with 80% lowers (aka home build) guns and will make you a FELON for possessing one of the firearms!

 While Gov. Cuomo and his America-hating leftists in Albany refer to these as ghost guns, the truth is that thousands of firearms enthusiasts here in New York state use these 80% lowers to build guns in the basements and workshops every year.

There are hundreds of different types of these home build kits on the market today, from Ruger 10/22’s, to Glocks to 1911-styled handguns, to AR-15’s.

But as originally drafted, violating S.13 or S.14 and building these popular firearms will earn you a Class D FELONY conviction, meaning you could spend up to 7 years in the state penitentiary!

The bill is headed to the Assembly, and that’s why it’s urgent that you send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your Assemblyman and tell him to oppose this legislation using our automated system!


Of course, Gov. Cuomo and the radical socialists in Albany would have you believe that this legislation will stop violent crime.

That’s absurd, and we all know it.

Re-incarcerating the thousands of violent criminals that Cuomo loosed on innocent New Yorkers in response to Covid-19 would lower the violent crime rate.

Repealing the horrendous bail reform disaster of last year would lower the violent crime rate.

Passing Stand-Your-Ground law and allowing innocent New Yorkers to defend themselves from violent criminals, would lower the violent crime rate.

But Andrew Cuomo isn’t looking to fix any of those problems –problems that he personally created — because this is about destroying the Second Amendment and punishing gun owners, nothing else!

 Please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL opposing S.13/S.14 now!

It doesn’t matter who your Assemblyman is, Republican or Democrat, he needs to hear from you immediately.

You see, it wasn’t just Andrew Cuomo’s radicals who passed this legislation two days ago, gun owners were stabbed in the back by Republican legislators who voted for this, as well!

We’ll have more on the status of this bill next week, but for today, please send your email immediately and then encourage all of your friends to do the same thing!

For Freedom,

 Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. Late Wednesday, with almost no notice, the Senate passed legislation that makes you a FELON for building guns in your own home. These popular 80% finished firearms are very popular amongst gun owners and banning them won’t stop a single violent crime!

The bill is headed to the Assembly and could be voted on at any time. Please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL opposing S.13/S.14 now!

Then send this email to every gun owner you know, and urge them to do the same thing!