We’re Taking Kathy Hochul to Court!

The last month has been an incredible series of ups and downs for gun owners here in New York State.

In the final days of June, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a landmark decision that struck down New York State’s unconstitutional permitting process!

The Court held that New York’s ‘justifiable need’ portion of the pistol permit application was unconstitutional and bluntly reminded Kathy Hochul that law abiding American citizens don’t need to show any reason for owning and carrying firearms.

In addition, the Court made it VERY CLEAR to New York State and gun-grabbers across the country that the right to carry a firearm includes public places where we are lawfully present!

The scope of this decision by the Supreme Court is hard to quantify — it undid over a century’s worth of gun control for gun owners here in New York State!

Kathy Hochul should have held a press conference and apologized to gun owners. She should have said that her office has told every law enforcement agency in the state to comply with this decision.

But as we all know, Kathy Hochul is a demented tyrant.

So instead of complying with this decision, Hochul called a special session of the legislature here in Albany and — instead of passing laws that complied with this decision — she rammed the worst gun control bill in U.S. history into law! 

The details of this new law are simply breathtaking. Beginning September 1st of this year, the following changes will be made to the gun laws here in New York State:

  • Anyone who wants to purchase ANY KIND of semi-automatic rifle will need to obtain a special permit from the State of New York first. We believe this even includes .22 rifles.
  • All ammunition sales will require a NICS background check at the point of sale, giving Kathy Hochul a complete list of every round of ammunition you own.
  • All churches, medical facilities, schools, restaurants that serve alcohol, public transportation, parks, playgrounds, libraries, entertainment venues, racetracks, and state parks will be declared ‘Gun Free Zones.’

Any violation of these sections will be prosecuted as a Class E felony — meaning gun owners will be facing four years in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

But that’s not all.

This new law also bans concealed carry in ALL commercial businesses unless they explicitly authorize concealed carry through signage at multiple points around the building! 

Every single feature of this new law is unconstitutional.

And everything about this law — from the blanket ban on concealed carry in commercial places to the background check on ammo sales — runs contrary to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Obviously, there is no legislative fix to this.

This was a legislative ‘screw you’ to the Supreme Court and to every law-abiding gun owner in New York State, and Hochul won’t voluntarily fix this on her own.

The fight to invalidate this law needs to take place in court. And that’s why the New York State Firearms Association is announcing that we will be taking legal action against Kathy Hochul and the State of New York in the coming days!


The details of this legal action and whether we’ll be filing a standalone federal lawsuit, joining with another organization in a joint lawsuit, or using Amicus briefs are still being worked out.

The law firm that we’ve retained to handle this is a nationally known firm from Washington, D.C., that has taken on (and defeated) the DOJ and state level tyrants like Kathy Hochul in Federal Court for years. This is what they do!

But I’ll be honest, we need your help to unleash these guys against our psychotic Governor and this new law, and we need it right away!

I’ve already approved an initial budget of $50,000. Our legal team tells me that that will cover the initial rounds of research and the cost of filing a preliminary injunction.

If the judge grants an injunction, then this entire law will be on hold until the court can rule on the underlying lawsuit and whether or not the entire law is unconstitutional.

After we’ve filed the motion for a preliminary injunction, our legal team will need to get to work on crafting the actual lawsuit.

The cost of preparing a federal lawsuit (including the cost of filing the suit with the court) will vary based on a couple of factors. But at a minimum, we’ll need to plan on needing another $75,000 for this stage.


If the judge that we draw in this case doesn’t side with us, we’ll need to appeal to the full 2nd Circuit. We will likely lose at this level, but it’s a required step as we work to get this case before the United States Supreme Court.

And to be honest, based on the egregious constitutional issues with this law and the clear middle finger this was to the Supreme Court, we believe that this case could very quickly wind up before the Supreme Court for their consideration.   

Each new step, from an appeal to the 2nd Circuit to an appeal to the United States Supreme Court, will incur more legal fees.

For the moment, we are working to lock in the $100,000 we need to handle the research, preliminary injunction filing fee, and the drafting and filing of the actual lawsuit.

I know it’s a lot of money.

But we don’t have a choice. We MUST fight back against this in court, or we’ll watch New York State burn to the ground.

Violent crime is already out of control.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin came close to being stabbed at a campaign event in broad daylight just a week ago! A Rochester cop was ambushed and murdered the same weekend.

But if this law stands, and the few New Yorkers who are allowed to carry firearms are forced to disarm in each of Kathy  Hochul’s new ‘Gun Free Zones’ (and every commercial business in the state) violent crime will EXPLODE!


Corruption and backroom deals aren’t new here in Albany. But New Yorkers are under attack by our own state government now, in ways that we’ve never experienced before.

Some have thrown up their hands, moving to another state where they can enjoy more freedoms. But many of us simply can’t do that. We live here. We’ve raised our children here. This is our home. So it’s up to us to fight back and save this state!

This time, that means fighting back in court.

The NYS Firearms Association will be leading this charge, and I desperately hope that you’ll stand alongside us with a generous donation!

I don’t know what you can afford. Some generous donors have already given us $250, $500, or even $1,000 to help us get going with this. If you are in that position, please be generous.

But I know that with Biden’s team destroying our economy and sending inflation soaring, times are tough for many.

So if $100, $50, or $25 is more appropriate for you at this time please make a donation right away, and know what we are deeply thankful.

The amount of your donation is entirely up to you.

But I need to give our legal team a hard answer very quickly on how much we’ve raised for this fight. So please make your donation fast!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. The United States Supreme Court has overturned New York State’s unconstitutional laws regarding concealed carry permits! But in response, Kathy Hochul just rammed through the worst gun control bill in the country!

The NYSFA is gearing up for a major legal battle in Federal Court to force Hochul to comply with the Supreme Court. But it’s going to cost between $50,000 and $125,000.


Please make a generous donation of $250 or even $500 or whatever amount you can afford so that we can take Hochul into Federal Court!