We’re Throwing Down With Hochul in Federal Court!

Fighting for our right to keep and bear arms here in New York State isn’t like playing hockey, where only a few points are scored in the entire game. No, this is like basketball.

All sides score a lot of points, and control of the ball keeps changing hands.

Earlier this year, gun owners scored a major victory when the United State Supreme Court overturned much of New York State’s ‘justifiable need’ clause — the clause that denied countless New Yorkers the ability to obtain a pistol permit!

More, the court held that the right to keep and bear arms extended to more than just our property line, it includes public places as long as we are lawfully present.

Our ghoulish Governor, Kathy Hochul, had a total meltdown.

In response to this, Hochul and her allies here in Albany advanced the most unconstitutional gun control bill in the history of the State of New York, scoring points for her side.

With no way to overturn this nasty law in the legislature, gun rights organizations here in New York State and across the country took the fight for freedom into Federal Court.

The argument is simple: Hochul’s law is unconstitutional on it’s face and directly contradicts the Supreme Court’s decision in this summer’s Bruen decision. 

I’m ecstatic to report that a federal judge has heard the case and just granted a Preliminary Injunction ordering all law enforcement agencies in the state to cease enforcing this law!

But like I said, this is basketball, and while we just scored a 3-pointer for our team, Hochul’s team now has the ball.

As I write this, Governor Hochul and New York State are feverishly working on an appeal to the preliminary injunction. This appeal will be heard by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in lower Manhattan sometime in the next two weeks!


The New York State Firearms Association’s legal team is already working on our hard-hitting Amicus Brief, our legal case presented before the court, to combat Hochul’s arguments.

I’ve told our lawyers to work around the clock, if needed, to get our documents submitted in the short window allowed for submission of these Amicus briefs.

After all, if we don’t get this law kicked out in court, New Yorkers will be forced to live under the most onerous gun control law that America has ever seen! That’s because this law:

  • Makes it a felony crime for New Yorkers to carry a concealed handgun inside of any business in the state, unless the business posts signs allowing for concealed carry!
  • Makes it a felony crime for New Yorkers to purchase any kind semi-automatic rifle (likely including .22’s) without first obtaining a new permit from the State of New York!
  • Makes it a felony crime for New Yorkers to buy ammo here in the state without going through a full background check, giving Hochul an inventory of every round of ammo you own!
  • Makes it a felony crime for New Yorkers to carry a firearm for self-defense in places like churches, parks, racetracks, most restaurants, public transportation vehicles, medical facilities, playgrounds, and much more!

Our disgusting governor and the politicians that enacted this legislation know damn good and well that this law won’t stop crime, and that it’s a dream come true for criminals!  


No, the only people who will be impacted by this law are the hundreds of thousands of gun owners who will be made into felons for violating any one of the provisions above.

This was done on purpose.

That’s because Kathy Hochul is a petty and vindictive old woman, who refuses to believe that the Supreme Court struck down her ability to deny New Yorkers carry permits at her whim!

So Hochul is digging in her heels, determined to score the next point in this fight, when the Second Circuit hears her appeal to the Preliminary Injunction.

And that’s why I am writing you today, to ask for your help as the NYSFA’s legal team gears up to go head to head with her!

Many of you have recently donated to help us gear up for this legal battle, and if you did, I can’t thank you enough. But we need to raise another $20,000-$25,000 for this next phase.

And we need to raise it fast.

There is a limited window of time to submit Amicus Briefs to a Federal Court once they are willing to receive them. So I need to be able to write a check for the entire legal fee at a moment’s notice.

That’s why I hope that you’ll make an immediate donation of $100 or even $250, to send a message to Kathy Hochul and the Communists in Albany that you’ll never meekly submit to their tyranny!


These people hate the Second Amendment and the proud gun owners like you and me who are fighting to defend it. They are coming after us with everything they’ve got. It’s time to crush them in court and overturn this law once and for all!

So if you can’t afford $250 or $100, please make a donation of  $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford immediately! I’ll be sure to keep you informed of what’s happening. 

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. A federal judge just granted a Temporary Injunction against Kathy Hochul’s new gun control law, barring the state from enforcing it until the Court of Appeals hears the case!

The NYS Firearms Association’s legal team is already at work, preparing our Amicus Brief to file with the Court of Appeals. If they sustain this injunction, Hochul’s law is shut down!

We need to raise another $20,000-$25,000 to fully fund our legal expenses, and we need to raise it fast. Please rush us a generous donation of $150, $75, $50 or even $10 right away.


Hochul’s gun control law is blatant tyranny! Help us fight back and send a message to Hochul and every gun-grabber in Albany!