10-Day Waiting Period Legislation in Albany….

The entire country is laughing at Governor Cuomo and the politicians in Albany, for turning this great state into a violent cesspool where criminals brazenly walk the streets, unafraid of the law.

The homicide rate in Rochester — for example -– is now the highest in the nation per capita, surpassing cities like Chicago, St. Louis, and Newark!

And, as is normally the case, many of these homicides don’t even involve a gun as evil people are quite capable of acting like savages with whatever tools are available to them.

Just last week, a Rochester woman was attacked on the street by a thug who murdered her with a hatchet!

Of course, New York State has the most aggressive gun control law in the country. And as is always the case these idiotic gun control policies, combined with Cuomo’s bail reform disaster, have resulted in an unmitigated disaster for law abiding New Yorkers!

But rather than admit they were wrong and beg forgiveness from the voters in New York State, the raging socialists in Albany are working overtime on more gun control legislation for next session.


Specifically, the legislature is trying to pass S-1235/A-449, which would make you a criminal for buying a firearm without submitting to a ten-day waiting period first!

Of course, mandatory waiting periods on gun sales — whether it’s 3 days, 10 days, or 30 days — is just another way that the leftists in Albany can attack innocent gun owners here in New York State!

Violent predators won’t be bothered by these silly delays, of course. They can simply steal a gun, get one from another criminal, or use another weapon.

But for law abiding citizens — especially women — waiting periods are deadly! In fact, waiting periods are guaranteed to get more women raped and murdered, while they wait for government permission to buy a gun!

Help us stop S-1235/A-449, sign your OFFICIAL PETITION NOW!   


Several years ago, a New Jersey woman named Carol Browne was stabbed to death in her front lawn by a crazy ex-boyfriend who could attack the unarmed and physically smaller Browne with ease.

Browne knew that her ex was stalking her, and immediately applied with her local police department for a pistol permit, while also installing security cameras and obtaining a no-contact order. But the anti-gun bureaucrats dragged their heels simply because they could.

Browne went back to the police department a month later, only to be told that she had to wait even longer. Two days later, she was dead. Her brand new security cameras captured her bleeding out on the lawn, as her attacker fled.

Just like Cuomo’s failed SAFE ACT, his failed bail reforms, and his failed war on the police — this legislation is guaranteed to send our crime rate soaring even higher!


If the legislature wanted to lower New York state’s violent crime rate, they would pass our Stand-Your-Ground law.

If the legislature wanted to lower New York state’s violent crime rate, they would repeal the bail reform disaster and put criminals in cages where they belong.

If the legislature wanted to lower New York state’s violent crime rate, they would stop attacking honest cops who are forced to use force to defend themselves and stop dangerous predators.

But Governor Cuomo and his friends in the legislature don’t want to lower the violent crime rate. They like the chaos that New York has been plunged into, as they use it to try to increase their grip on power.

But next year is an election year. And many of Cuomo’s allies in swing districts are growing nervous about having to vote on legislation like this.

So if we can keep our foot on the necks of these politicians, we may be able to shut this legislation down hard next session!

So please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION to the politicians in Albany today! Then donate so we can make sure that every gun owner in New York State is aware of this bill and is taking action against it.

If you can donate $100, please do so.

But any amount — whether that’s $100, $75, $50, $25 or even just $10 — will help us get the word out and push back against this bill. Please contribute whatever you can, now.

The raging socialists in Albany are determined to crush our gun rights and chase us all out of this beautiful state! We need to fight back, for our children and our grandchildren!

If we can defeat this legislation, it helps to weaken Cuomo’s allies across the board.

So take action NOW!  

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association 

P.S. While violent crime soars out of control across the state, Governor Cuomo and the socialists in Albany are working overtime to attack law abiding gun owners!

S-1235/A-449 would put YOU in prison for buying a firearm without waiting ten days first, no matter how concerned you were for your safety.


Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against this legislation today, and then make a donation of any amount, to help the NYS Firearms Association fight to defeat this dangerous legislation!