Don’t Let Cuomo Sneak Mental Health Gun Control into Law!

Whatever you think about the Coronavirus and the government’s response to it, one thing is extremely clear: our America-hating Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has used it to expand his grasp on power in Albany in an unprecedented way.

From the dozens of executive orders that he’s issued in the last couple of weeks, to the over 250 existing laws that he has modified using his new powers (with no involvement from the legislature,) Andrew Cuomo is absolutely drunk with power!

But the greatest threat to our gun rights lies in the final weeks of the 2020 legislative session, and that is why I am writing you today.

You see, while he can modify existing laws with his temporary powers, he can’t invent new laws out of whole cloth. For that, he still needs the legislature.

But a growing number of insiders are reporting that Governor Cuomo wants to use the utter chaos and confusion that reigns in Albany to get the legislature to pass the mental health gun control bill that we warned you about earlier this year.

This legislation (S-7065) is being sponsored by Senator James Sanders and Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti, some of the most corrupt politicians in Albany, and would force you to complete a mental health background check each time you want to buy a firearm!

With this legislation being filed in both chambers, it’s a clear sign that this is far more than a token bill — they desperately want to get this done before adjournment.

That’s why we have prepared this email campaign, that allows you to voice your opposition to this legislation with your State Senator and Assemblyman automatically.

Please send your email opposing this legislation now!

Obviously, no gun owner wants a criminally deranged person walking around carrying a gun. But there is already a process in place to deal with people like that.

Just consider the facts.

Under current law, those who exhibit ‘warning signs’ can already be detained by law enforcement — at minimum -– and can be taken to a care facility for treatment if necessary.

As anyone in law enforcement will tell you, you can tell A LOT about a person’s mental health with the answers to just a couple questions.

But Cuomo’s mental health gun control legislation has nothing to do with attempting to help individuals who are in need of real mental health treatment.

On the contrary, this legislation would authorize Governor Cuomo to aggressively weaponize ‘mental health staffers’ across the state and instruct them to deny your right to own a firearm for just about any reason they want!

It wouldn’t matter if you’ve been a gun owner for decades.

It wouldn’t matter if you have a spotless criminal record.

It wouldn’t matter if you’ve not been charged with a crime.

The truth is that this legislation has absolutely nothing to do with public safety; instead, this is a tool for radical socialists in Albany who want to break the back of gun owners in this great state once and for all.

You see, tyrannical dictators have been labeling political opponents as ‘mentally defective’ as a way to punish them throughout history.

Former Russian leaders Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev imprisoned countless people who disagreed with their Communist agenda, leaving them in prison or labor farms or worse…

China’s Chairman Mao did the same thing, denying people who questioned him the right to vote, travel, and much more, claiming that they were mentally defective.

And now Governor Cuomo wants to do the same thing: use the results of politically motivated mental health evaluations against gun owners who disagree with his socialist gun-grabbing agenda!

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the very definition of tyranny!

Please send your email opposing this legislation now!

The good news is that this is an election year and a growing number of politicians in vulnerable districts across the state are very nervous about supporting this bill.

Afterall, they already must answer for their vote in support of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation from last year. And they also know that with President Trump on the ballot, a far higher number of gun owners will be coming out to the polls.

And that’s why, with your help, we can stop this disgusting legislation if enough gun owners stand and fight! So please send your pre-written email to the politicians in Albany right away!

The New York State Firearms Association is doing everything we can to mobilize gun owners against this legislation as you read this.

Our goal is simple: flood the politicians with petitions, emails, phone calls and Facebook messages from every gun owner in their district, reminding them of what is waiting for them if they back this Soviet Russia styled gun control bill!

We are doing that through a combination of:

  • Mass emails; email mobilization is quick and effective and allows us to embed videos into them, allowing gun owners to ‘see’ what’s going on in Albany.
  • Internet and web based ads; our digital ads are as nasty as they come. They hit hard, deliver the message, and are easy to broadcast to a huge number of gun owners who can then take action!
  • Facebook live updates; legislation moves very fast in the Capitol, especially when gun-grabbers are feeling the heat. Our videos ‘pull back the curtain’ and let gun owners know what’s happening in real time!

As you can see, we are doing everything we can to mobilize a grassroots army of gun owners in opposition to this bill.

But we need your help.

Please send your email opposing this legislation now!

And if you possibly can, please send us your most generous contribution, as well.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of letting Governor Cuomo and his allies use the Coronavirus to ram through an evil bill that would label proud gun owners as mentally defective, without fighting back with everything we have, is simply not an option for me.

We must fight back!

Please help us do that, with a generous donation of $100 immediately!  

I know that’s a lot, but with the stakes this high, doing nothing is just not an option. So if $100 is simply not possible, please agree to a donation of $50, $25 or at least $10!

Some people say that New York State is gone, and that we should all just move away. But I don’t believe that, not for a second!

I meet wonderful people every single day, patriots, who care deeply about our flag, our nation, and this great state!

In many ways, freedom in this great country got its start in New York State, as over one-third of our nation’s Revolutionary War battles were fought right here!

So we simply can’t give up. Our forefathers stood for freedom and carved out the greatest country the world has ever known, freeing us from the tyranny of Europe.

But that freedom is under attack!

And it’s up to you and me to make sure that our children and grand-children will inherit the same freedoms that our forefathers passed down to us!

So please send your email right away, and consider your most generous contribution of $100, $75, $50, $25 or at least $10 today 

For Freedom,

 Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. Governor Cuomo has used the Coronavirus to massively expand his power in New York State during the past two months, modifying hundreds of existing laws and issuing dozens of executive orders with no oversight from the legislature!

Now he wants to use the confusion in Albany to pass S-7065  — legislation that would force gun owners to complete a  mental health evaluation each time they want to buy a gun!

But we can stop this if we stand together, as a growing number of politicians are nervous about supporting this legislation in advance of the 2020 elections.