Gov. Hochul’s War Against Gun Owners in New York!

Like all of you, I watched in horror as the news broke about a murderer who attacked a Tops Grocery Store in Buffalo last week, killing ten people and wounding three more.

The impact of these murders, the ripple effect that they will cause throughout the ten families that have been impacted, is as incomprehensible as the killer’s motivations.

But I have to be honest, my horror turned to rage, fast.

You see, the fight over our gun rights here in New York State is not just some academic or philosophic conversation. Gun control ALWAYS results is freedoms lost, followed by lives lost.

Kathy Hochul knows this. Joe Biden knows this. The media know this. But the loss of human lives is a price they are happy to make us pay as they pursue their gun control agenda.

That’s what is so enraging about this shooting. It highlights what we all know: Kathy Hochul’s war against the Second Amendment leaves millions of New Yorkers unable to defend themselves against violent criminals!

New York State already has a ban on magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition and limits our ability to defend ourselves — this murderer ignored it.

New York State already has universal background checks, a complete registration on all handgun sales that gives the state a list of every gun owner — this murderer passed it.

New York State already has a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law that seizes guns from New Yorkers before they’ve committed a crime (which is totally unconstitutional) — this murderer wasn’t stopped by it.

New York State already has a ban on buying true AR-15’s, which limits our self-defense options — this murderer benefited from it.

And New York State refuses to pass Stand-Your-Ground law, meaning depending on what county you are in, even drawing a firearm to confront a criminal could put you in prison — this murderer benefitted from that, too!

Make no mistake: this cowardly criminal is responsible for these murders. But Kathy Hochul and the radical left politicians in Albany enabled him with their policies and they have blood on their hands because of it! 

As Kathy Hochul continues her punishment of law abiding New Yorkers for her mistakes, SIGN YOUR PETITION NOW telling her “HELL NO!

To be clear, former Governor Cuomo, Governor Hochul, and the freedom-hating leftists in Albany were not unaware of what would happen when they disarmed so many people.

They knew, they just didn’t give a damn.

That’s why, before the blood was even dry in Buffalo, Hochul and her allies began plotting the best way for them to use this shooting to advance gun control before the legislature adjourns here in Albany.

And that’s why I am writing you today.

While Governor Hochul has already announced a series of Executive Actions that she’s taking to crack down on law-abiding gun owners — she’s also plotting a major legislative push, too.

The bad news is that everything she wants to pass will make it harder for you and me to both buy and carry firearms here in New York State and will only benefit criminals.

The good news is that we’re almost out of session here in Albany, and there is limited time for Hochul to pass a package of gun control bills. And with the pressure of the midterms scaring vulnerable Democrats, many of them don’t want to pass anything!

Several of the bills that are actively being talked about right now in Albany include:

>>> Legislation straight out of the 1990’s that would mandate micro-stamping technology on all firearms sold in New York. And since no one makes these, that means no new handguns will ever be sold in New York State!

>>>  Legislation that would leave you facing FELONY CHARGES if a criminal breaks into your home, steals your firearm, and uses it in a crime sometime later on!

>>>  Legislation that would mandate a 10-day waiting period on the sale of all firearms in New York State. These waiting periods have been shown to get people murdered repeatedly!

These are the bills that are openly being talked about by Kathy Hochul, Al Sharpton (yes, he’s involved in this, too) and others in Albany. But insiders tell us that these might not be the only bills voted on.

Our sources indicate that Hochul may try to use this shooting as cover for her ultimate goal: mandated mental health exams with government psychologists before each gun purchase!  

As you know, the NYS Firearms Association has successfully worked to stop this bill (amongst others) for several years.

But Hochul and her allies here in Albany think that they can simply brand this murderer as mentally defective and hold this case up as their justification for forcing every gun owner in the state to submit to this ultimate act of tyranny!

Tyranny is the only word that can be used when trying to describe this bill and what it would do.

Imagine sitting down with a ‘doctor’ certified by New York State and being asked about your political views, your social media posts, your religious beliefs, how many guns you currently own and more, knowing that the wrong answer will disarm you?

Because that’s what this bill (S. 1605/A. 3829) will do.

If you say that you voted for Trump, that you love this great country and our Second Amendment, that you think Kathy Hochul is a tyrant, that you possess several thousand rounds of ammo or anything else they consider ‘hate speech’ — your gun rights will be over!

This legislation is the real deal and it’s able to move very quickly. S. 1605 is in the Senate Codes Committee, while the Assembly version, A. 3829, has dozens of politicians already backing it and is in the Assembly Codes Committee.

But as we’ve told you all session, while the AOC-style Democrats in Albany want to pass this bill regardless of the consequences, vulnerable Democrats are scared.

They know that passing any of these gun control bills (especially the mental health legislation I detailed above) could cost their party control of the State Senate — maybe even the Governor’s mansion! 

So if gun owners inundate the legislature with calls, emails, and petitions from gun owners, we may still be able to stop these bills by terrifying these vulnerable Democrats.

But the legislature will be adjourning soon, so immediately sign your petition before it’s too late. And when you’re done, I desperately need you to consider making a donation of $75 or even $100 to help us crank up the heat in Albany!

I know it’s a lot, I know. But there’s a lot at stake.

So if Biden’s $5.00 gas and almost double-digit inflation means that $75 or more is simply impossible, I hope you’ll consider $50, $25, or at least $10 and send it in right away.

Governor Hochul and the rest of the gun grabbers in Albany hate you and they hate our freedoms, and they are determined to do whatever they can to disarm us once and for all!

Fight back! Don’t give an inch! Because if you and I ever lose our right to defend ourselves, we’ll never get them back!  

Please sign your petition and make a donation today.

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. With the legislature about to adjourn for the year, Kathy Hochul is racing to pass a series of gun control bills, using the Buffalo mass shooting as cover — even though her policies helped enable the killer!

These bills are the worst of the worst, as you’ll read above. The only chance we have at stopping them is making sure vulnerable Democrats know that voting for this will cost them control of the State Senate during the midterms.

That’s why it’s urgent that you sign your petition opposing every piece of Hochul’s gun control agenda.

When you’re done, please make a donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 — or whatever you can afford — so we can FIGHT BACK and stop these bills!