Kathy Hochul’s War on Gun Owners Enters Final Stages!

With the budget done, the redistricting fight being handled in the courts, and the end of the 2022 legislative session coming into view, things are moving very fast here in Albany!

This is usually the most dangerous time of the year for gun owners as Kathy Hochul and the communist-wing of the legislature like to make their big gun control pushes right before they adjourn for the year, before we have time to fight back.

And based on what we’re seeing in committee, this year won’t be any exception, as multiple gun bills are moving through the process here in Albany — and may be voted on soon!

That’s why I hope that you’ll immediately sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you, reminding your State Senator and Assemblyman that elections are coming, and that you’ll remember their votes on these gun control bills! More on that below.

Your petitions could be the deciding factor for some of these bills, given the dynamics on the ground here in Albany!

You see, with Joe Biden’s poll numbers somewhere in the mid-30’d right now, national Democrats are terrified that Biden is going to cost them control of the US Congress in November.

(Impossible to hide: Biden is destroying his party’s chance during the 2022 midterms!)

But the same thing is true right here in Albany. Insiders believe that gun owners have a real shot at flipping the State Senate this fall, which would be a political earthquake in the legislature and go a long way toward saving our gun rights!

Between Biden’s collapse and the New York Court of Appeals striking down the Democrat’s attempt to redraw legislative and Congressional lines here in New York State in their favor –- anti-gun politicians in Albany are starting to get SCARED!

So if we act now, we may be able to stop these bills.


But I need every gun owner in the state to get involved in this fight right now! Because some of these bills below have already passed committee and may head to the floor soon!

The top four threats facing gun owners right now are:

*** Senator Anna Kaplan’s legislation (S-8164) which would allow you to be charged with a felony if a criminal broke into your home, stole your gun, and used it in a crime!

This bill is the definition of insanity in that it punishes law abiding gun owners for the criminal actions of thugs. It literally punishes us, for the actions of a criminal!

*** Assemblywoman Chantel Jackson’s legislation (A-7771) which would require gun owners to pass a state-issued mental health exam and a drug test before the purchase of each firearm!

This is utterly unconstitutional, and it would result in gun owners across the state being disarmed! Legislation like this comes straight out of 20th Century China and Germany, where political opponents were labeled as ‘mentally defective’ and sent off to prison farms, or worse!

*** Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s legislation (A-449) which would mandate a ten-day waiting period on the sale of every single firearm in New York State.  

With violence at unprecedented levels across New York State, the last thing we should do is make it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy a gun. But that’s what this bill would do, and it was just put on the Codes Committee agenda.

*** Senator Bray Hoylman’s legislation (S-4116) which would mandate micro-stamping technology on all semi-automatic handguns or leave gun owners facing criminal charges.

This 1990’s fantasy on the part of gun grabbers is impossible to implement, is totally unconstitutional, and won’t do anything to stop violent criminals.

As you read over this list of bills that are on the move in Albany, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that every single one of these is designed for one reason: to harass and jail law-abiding gun owners like you and me.


This is the reality that we are facing in Albany.

Governor Hochul and the evil Communist-wing of our legislature hate gun owners like you and me, and they are determined to crush us through legislation like this.

So we have two choices right now.

We can throw up our hands, sit back, and watch our state burn to the ground and our gun rights restricted until we have absolutely no freedoms left — or we can stand up and fight back with everything we have!

As the father of seven children, I don’t have the option to simply pick up and leave. I have an obligation to do everything I can to safeguard their freedoms, as my forefathers did for me.

If you agree that we need to fight back against these evil bills and against the politicians who are trying to destroy our state, then I hope you’ll sign your petition immediately.


We absolutely can defeat these bills. As I said earlier, while the AOC-left wing in Albany wants to pass insane gun control laws no matter the political cost, many others in the legislature want nothing to do with these bills!

In addition to your signed petition, I hope that you’ll agree to a generous donation to help the NYS Firearms Association do everything we can to fight back against these bills through our digital, email, and direct mail programs.

NYSFA’s digital ad programs are alerting gun owners to these bills statewide, routing signed petitions off opposition into the legislature as fast as we can.

Our massive email program is allowing our members and other gun owners to send pre-written emails directly to their Assemblyman and State Senator, demanding that they ‘VOTE NO.’

And our uncensorable direct mail programs are doing the same thing, alerting gun owners to what’s at stake and allowing them to take action through our petition programs.

But we need to scale these programs up, FAST!

So please consider a donation of $75 or even $100, so we can POUR ON the pressure between now and the end of the 2022 legislative session — and shut these bills down!

I know that’s a lot, but the stakes have never been higher!

Don’t forget, the State Senate isn’t the only political entity that is feeling the pain right now. Kathy Hochul’s war on gun owners and love affair with violent criminals has her polling numbers tanking, also.

Our sources in Albany, plus open-source polling data, make it clear that Kathy Hochul is in the fight of her life for her own re-election campaign.

(Recent polling data shows Kathy Hochul has a mere 36% approval rating!)

So if gun owners hammer on the legislature and Kathy Hochul, the left may decide it’s in their best interest to leave our gun rights alone this year!

But we need to keep the pressure on HIGH. So if $75 or $100 isn’t possible, I hope you’ll at least consider $50, $25 or even $10 so we can keep fighting!

Session is winding down, but the pressure is ramping up. Please take action RIGHT AWAY!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. Session is winding down in Albany, which means the gun-grabbers are working overtime to advance four vicious gun control bills! So please sign your petition RIGHT NOW!


And when you do, please include a generous donation of $75, $50, $25, or even $10 to help the NYSFA fight!

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Gov. Hochul and Senate Democrats’ poll numbers are tanking; we can defeat these bills if we pour on the pressure NOW!