New York: The 2024 Legislative Session is Underway!

It’s go time in the fight for freedom!

The 2024 legislative session just kicked off here in Albany. And that means that our fight to defend our Second Amendment rights has shifted into high gear!

This is going to be a heck of a year.

As you know, the NSY Firearms Association has sued Hochul in Federal District Court over last year’s ammo registration law and we’re getting ready for the next phase of that fight.

But in the meantime, Hochul and her allies want to push more bills in Albany before the 2024 elections.

So while there will be dozens of gun control bills filed during this new legislative session, there are two main bills that we want to guard against.

(Krazy Kathy Hochul, albeit a little bit enhanced, thinks that she is the supreme dictator of New York State! Help us stop her!)

First is a nasty civil liability insurance requirement for gun owners, that would require you to possess this insurance before you can buy a gun! Then there’s the big one: mental health exams as a condition of buying a firearm!

The NYS Firearms Association will be giving you details on these bills throughout session, especially as they begin to move.

But with session underway, I hope you’ll take immediate action to oppose the three bills I listed above. Our action links are automated to make sure your legislators hear from you!



Hochul and her band of America-hating nuts hate this state, they hate gun owners like you and me, and they hate the Second Amendment. They are never going to give up.

Neither can we!

Take action today to help us stand up for freedom!


For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

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