NYSFA’s Plan for November!

Since the day that New York State Firearms Association was founded, we’ve been known for one thing more than anything else: when election time rolls around, we ATTACK!

 Kathy Hochul and the communists here in Albany hope that we give up and let them attack our gun rights without pushback.

The moment we do that, it’s over.

Hochul and her allies will finally be able to pass every part of their gun control agenda, content knowing that they will never pay a price for it at the ballot box.

That’s why NYSFA fits at election time, in the courts, and during session, to make sure that radical communists pay a price for their attacks on our freedom!

We use radio ads, TV ads, digital ads, texting campaigns, direct mail, email, whiteboard videos — and we never let up! That’s why our gun laws are so strong.

But now we must do it again because the war against gun owners and our Second Amendment has never been hotter, and our freedoms have never been in greater jeopardy!

The details of our plan are below.

But we need your help to fund this program. After the primary election program we ran this year, we are coming up short.

Please read the message below for more information, and then make a generous donation NOW


— Aaron


Date:  Late September 2022

From:  Aaron Dorr, Executive Director, NYS Firearms Association 

Re:   “Plan for November”

The November elections are rapidly approaching, and as you’ve seen on your television, everything is on the line this year!  

Our Second Amendment freedoms have been under attack over the last eighteen months in ways that we have never seen in this state and in this country — and Biden’s just a few votes shy of total victory.

The success that the Radical Left has had in Congress is inspiring gun-grabbers here in Albany, too, and Kathy Hochul has recently passed the worst gun control bill in America into law.  

Gun owners need to stand tall this fall and send a message! 

Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, and the rest of these America-hating Communists have two main goals for New York this fall.

First, they want to make sure that Kathy Hochul remains Governor here in New York State. And with violent crime out of control and the ramifications of Hochul’s ‘Bail Reform’ debacle playing out on the news every night, she more vulnerable than ever! 

In fact, recent polls show Congressman Lee Zeldin just a few points behind Hochul and his numbers are surging in the right direction. 

Second, they want to increase the size of their legislative majorities here in Albany, to make sure that they can move onto their goal of passing ‘Mental Health’ gun control next year. 

Any way you look at it, you and I are going to be in a major fight in a matter of weeks that has huge consequences. 

The good news is that the NYS Firearms Association is gearing up for a major battle as we work to hold the line! 

Our team has been working around the clock for several days to map out the final details of our critical 2022 ‘Plan for November’ — and I think it’s crucial you see it right away. 

The fact is that time is running out, and I’m counting on your generous financial support to help put this plan into action.


As you’ll see, I’ve budgeted $295,550 to put New York State Firearms Associations’ ‘Plan for November’ into action. 

Subtracting money already allocated for this program, we still must raise $178,550 between now and October 14 to launch the full program.

I know that may sound steep, but it pales in comparison to what Michael Bloomberg and other leftist organizations are going to spend as they try to destroy New York (and America) this Fall! 


The truth is that the NYSFA spent a lot of money during the 2022 legislative session, and we’ve had to allocate a fortune as our legal team prepares a Federal Lawsuit against Kathy Hochul. So we are counting on your help to fund this critical program. 

I cannot begin to explain what a DISASTER it would be if the gun grabbers don’t face major pushback from gun owners this fall!

Instead of going on offense with our Federal Lawsuit and a renewed push for Stand-Your-Ground law, we’ll be on defense again, battling against an emboldened Kathy Hochul who will go ‘all in’ on a slew of new gun control proposals, including: 

  • Mental Health Gun Control legislation; this is Hochul’s number one agenda going forward as it would subject law-abiding New Yorkers to a state-issued mental health exam as a condition of buying a firearm. This isn’t merely an idea; the bill has already been filed!
  • A 10-day waiting period on all gun sales; waiting periods have been shown to get innocent people murdered every time they are used. But that’s a price that Kathy Hochul is more than willing to have law-abiding New Yorkers pay. 
  • Mandated civil liability insurance for gun owners; Hochul wants to require this coverage before you could own any firearm, full well knowing that no company sells this and it would lead to gun owners being disarmed across the board!

But this is just the start. 

If Hochul and her allies get off scot free after the massive gun control bill they rammed into law this year, they will work to pass every gun control bill they’ve ever thought about! 

We need to draw a line in the sand, right NOW!


Our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is THE FREEDOM that protects the rest of our freedoms — without it our state (and the nation) will soon be on its knees. 

For these America-hating Marxists, gun control isn’t just a token statement. These freaks want to completely disarm their political opposition, like tyrants throughout history have done. 

And we all know why. 

We can’t let that happen. That’s why Second Amendment supporters need to stand up and fight back hard right NOW.

There are so many races all over our state where New York State’s gun owners can make a difference, including:

>>> The Governor’s race.

Kathy Hochul’s hatred for gun owners is unparalleled in the history of New York politics. But Lee Zeldin has been a strong advocate for gun owners in Congress for years. The difference could not be more clear, if gun owners engage. 

>>> State Senate District 6.

Senator Kevin Thomas is one of the most aggressive gun grabbers in the entire legislature. But his record of attacking gun owners has left him very vulnerable. Thomas is running against Republican candidate James Coll. 

>>> State Senate District 22.

Senator Andrew Gounardes has been leading Hochul’s war on gun owners for two years. But he’s in a swing seat. Now, he’s desperately hoping that gun owners forgot all of his attacks. We need to make sure they remember. 

And, of course, this is just a sampling of dozens of highly competitive Senate and Assembly races where NYSFA is hoping to expose gun-grabbers before the voters head to the polls. 


The outcomes of these races will determine the future of New York State and the nation, so we can’t pull any punches! In fact, we’ve put together a four-part plan to expose these gun grabbers using:   

1.) A combination of our hard-hitting digital ads and fact-loaded whiteboard videos where we break down the anti-gun records that dozens of elected gun grabbers are trying to keep secret;

2) A two-phase hard-hitting mail program that will give gun owners page after page of facts on where the candidates stand. We’ll provide survey results, voting histories, bill numbers, and more;

3) An internet, phone, email and text-messaging blitz hammering Bloomberg’s candidates over their support for gun control;

4) A hard-hitting radio (and perhaps even TV) ad campaign hitting Michael Bloomberg’s top allies in New York State for their support of radical gun control!

But I need your help to put our plan into action. As I mentioned, time is running out and we still must raise $178,550 — and we don’t have much time to do it!


Won’t you please agree to your most generous gift of $100 or even $250 to help us put it into action?

If that’s too much, perhaps all you can afford is $75, $50, or at least $25. Whatever you can give, please act IMMEDIATELY.

The 2022 elections are absolutely critical for gun owners.  

The good news is that the no-holds-barred tactics NYSFA uses are renowned for exposing gun-grabbers at election time, with devastatingly effective results. We can save this state, but we have to act fast! 

I’m chomping at the bit to launch this program.  But I can’t do it without your support. So please make an immediate donation of $100, $75 or $50, or $25 while there’s still time!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

New York State Firearms Association
2022 Plan for Victory and Budget


Mail Program in Targeted Districts  Cost: $37,900


A series of two hard-hitting survey results letters informing approximately 131,000 pro-gun grassroots patriots in targeted districts how their candidates responded to the NYSFA survey.  Letters begin hitting the week of October 24.  They will hit through November 7.

Internet, Phone and Email Program
 Cost: $55,400


Host all candidates’ survey responses on NYSFA’s Facebook page and pay for statewide Internet ads urging New York gun owners to see where their candidates stand on Second Amendment issues.  Pay for a series of five emails – including three deploys to a statewide pro-Second Amendment prospect list – and two rounds of emails exposing the records of anti-gun politicians.

Earned Media Program
 Cost: $47,750


Work talk-radio call-in lines, write op-eds and letters to the editor, host media interviews, and work highly-trafficked political blogs to inform as many New Yorkers as possible about their candidates’ positions on the Second Amendment.

Paid Media Program
 Cost: $154,500


Run hard-hitting digital ads, radio and even TV ads if NYSFA has the resources, to ensure that every gun owner in over a dozen districts learns the truth about where Bloomberg’s hand-picked candidates stand. Using social media, we can micro-target our ads down to individual city blocks! 

Program Cost: $295,550
 (Less money raised) ($117,000)

Total Outstanding Budget: