Ten Day Minimum Wait to Buy a Gun!

Remember last summer, when New York State and much of the nation were rocked by mob violence that included rioting, looting, cities on fire and police officers being murdered?

It shook a lot of people and made first time gun owners out of millions of Americans who thought they didn’t have to worry about their physical safety, until the mobs got closer and closer to their neighborhoods.

Of course, here in New York State, buying a pistol is a very difficult process, because it requires a pistol permit which can take anywhere from 1 – 12 months to obtain — if you can get one at all. 

Many people have consoled themselves with the knowledge that you can walk into any gun store here in New York and legally purchase a rifle or shotgun, without having to wait for it.

So, if mob violence resumes in the future or if violent crime concerns them enough to buy a firearm in the future, they figure they can buy a rifle or shotgun, while waiting to obtain a pistol permit.

But if Assemblywoman Amy Paulin has her way, New Yorkers will never again be able to walk into a gun store or visit a gun show to buy a rifle or shotgun onsite!

Take immediate action to stop AB-449 -– sign your petition NOW! 

That’s because Assemblywoman Paulin has filed AB-449, legislation that would force you to wait ten days before you could buy a long gun in New York State, or you would face criminal charges!

This means that no matter how close the mobs get to your neighborhood, no matter how many neighbors up and down your street are victimized by criminals, you couldn’t buy a firearm for self-defense for ten days! 

This legislation is guaranteed to send violent crime rates soaring ever higher than they are right now!

Criminals and dangerous mobs know that gun control only impacts law abiding citizens, as they simply ignore it and carry out their violent attacks on innocent people. 

But if AB-449 passes, the criminals will know that it’s that much harder for law abiding New Yorkers to buy a firearm to defend themselves with!

Don’t let Assemblywoman Paulin get away with this, take action NOW! 

Has Amy Paulin sponsored a bill to put all of the violent criminals that she and Governor Cuomo have turned loose on us with their bail reform disaster back in jail?


Has she urged Governor Cuomo to re-incarcerate the thousands of violent criminals that he has released from jail in response to Covid, only to watch them rob, rape, and kill innocent people?


No, Amy Paulin won’t do that because she is a radicalized, ‘woke’ leftist who absolutely loathes gun owners like you and me, and she is determined to put US in prison with AB-449, while letting violent criminals run wild across our state!

But as is often the case, Paulin and her cronies in Albany are hoping to find some Republican support for this legislation, which would make it far easier to pass, claiming ‘bi-partisan’ support.

That’s why your signed petition is so important, to remind the Republicans and the Democrats that gun owners across the state are watching this legislation very closely, and that their votes will be used against them at election time.

>>> So please sign your petition against AB-449 immediately! <<<

And then please make a generous donation, of any amount, so the New York State Firearms Association can continue sounding the alarm on this bill using our digital, social media, and email platforms!

Whether you can give $100, $75, $50, $25 or some other amount, please be generous as session is well underway and there is no time to lose.

Politicians like Paulin truly hate us. And they are committed to advancing an agenda that will obliterate our gun rights forever. We are doing everything we can to hold the line. We owe that to our forefathers.

Please stand with us! Take action today!

For Freedom,


Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association 

P.S. Assemblywoman Amy Paulin is pushing AB-449, legislation that would make you a criminal for not waiting ten days to buy a rifle or shotgun for self-defense.

This would do nothing to stop violent crime; on the contrary, this bill is a gift to criminals as it leaves more New Yorkers defenseless!

Take immediate action to stop AB-449 -– sign your petition NOW!