The 2021 Session Begins Today in Albany!

Moments ago, the 2021 legislative session kicked off in Albany, meaning our fight to defend and expand our Second Amendment rights just went into high gear.

This promises to be a highly unusual session, with the public being completely shut out of the Capitol complex (buildings we pay for) through April 1st, at a minimum.

Whenever the legislature is in session in Albany, our gun rights are in jeopardy. But these days — with a crazy Governor who is ruling New York state single handedly through his ‘emergency powers’ — they are more at risk than ever!

And that’s why I hope you’ll take action today, on the first day of session, to make sure that the politicians in Albany know that gun owners are watching everything they do this year.

Of course, it’s not just Governor Cuomo who is coming after our Second Amendment freedoms.

As we told you all last fall, Senator Sanders and Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti, two of the most corrupt politicians in Albany, want to force you to complete a mental health background check each time you want to buy a firearm!

This legislation is straight out of Lenin and Mao’s playbook, and would allow the government to demonize and persecute political enemies at will, before disarming them forever.

Stand against this legislation — sign your petition against it now!

Oppose Mental Health Gun Control Now!

But there’s also likely going to be a renewed push to ban 80% lowers here in New York. These ‘home build’ guns are very popular with gun owners who like to make their own firearms.

And you can use these 80% lowers on lots of guns these days, from AR-15’s all the way down to a Glock 9mm or a Ruger 10/22.

The politicians in Albany want us to believe that banning 80% lowers will stop violent crime. But this is complete garbage. Banning AR’s didn’t stop crime. Banning mags over 7/10 rounds didn’t stop crime. Universal background checks didn’t stop crime. Neither will this.

This is just another weapon that Cuomo and his allies want to use to punish, harass and incarcerate law abiding gun owners in this state.

I hope that in addition to your signed petition above, you will immediately sign this petition as well, so the politicians in Albany know where you stand.

Oppose the Ban on 80% Lowers Here!

There’s no other way to say it.

Gun owners in New York and, after last night’s election results, gun owners across America, are the last line of defense against radical socialists who want to destroy this great nation.

We need EVERY gun owner in the state to take action, today, tomorrow, and all session long!

Sign your petitions immediately. Then share this email with every gun owner you know. And finally, if you haven’t renewed your membership in NYSFA for 2021, do so now!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
New York State Firearms Association

P.S. The 2021 session has begun in Albany, and Cuomo and his allies hope they can sneak a wide array of gun control into law fast, with the public not allowed into the Capitol!

Make sure the politicians in Albany know you are watching their every move, by signing the petitions that we have prepared for you immediately.

Oppose Mental Health Gun Control Now!

Oppose the Ban on 80% Lowers Here!

Then, if you haven’t renewed your membership for 2021, I hope you’ll renew right away so we can hold the line for our freedom!