Update from Albany: Four Massive Gun Control Bills Confronting Us!

The legislature is well underway here in Albany, and the threats against your Second Amendment freedoms are popping up so fast we can hardly get the information out to you fast enough.

Governor Hochul and her America-hating allies in the Senate and the Assembly are determined to demonize, harass, and criminalize gun owners like you and me any way they can.

Nothing else but a blinding hatred for gun owners and the freedoms we care about could explain the type of legislation that we are seeing filed in the Capitol right now.

But before I get into these bills, I want to take a moment to explain the dynamics that are at work in Albany right now, as there are three warring factions fighting for control.  

First, there are the AOC-styled communists that are working night and day to pass the most vicious gun control bills that I’ve ever seen. This faction is driven by ideology alone, and they want to pass these bills no matter the political cost.

Second, there are the traditional Democrats in Albany. This faction despises gun owners like you and me, to be sure, but they are increasingly concerned that the elections this fall are going to hurt their party. So behind closed doors, they are trying to quietly pump the breaks on some of these bills.

And finally, there are the Republicans, who have no real power in Albany right now. Some of them are 100% pro-gun. Others would stab us in the back in a heartbeat. All of them know that fighting gun control is good for their conference right now.

The bad news is that we have very few champions in Albany. The good news is that a growing number of Democrats believe that passing gun control would be a bad idea with the elections on the horizon. So if gun owners stand up and fight hard, we may be able to defeat the entire gun control agenda in Albany in 2022!


But I need every gun owner in the state to get involved in this fight right now! Because if the politicians in Albany don’t get flooded with petitions, calls, and emails opposing their agenda, they just might decide to take action on these bills.

And if that happens, we could see votes overnight on legislation like:

*** Assemblywoman Chantel Jackson’s legislation (A-7771) which would require gun owners to pass a state issued mental health exam and a drug test before each firearms purchase!

This is utterly unconstitutional, and it would result in gun owners across the state being disarmed! Legislation like this comes straight out of 20th Century China and Germany, where political opponents were labeled as ‘mentally defective’ and sent off to prison farms, or worse!

*** Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s legislation (A-449) which would mandate a ten-day waiting period on the sale of every single firearm in New York State.  

Violence spiraled out of control in New York State in 2021, leading to a record number of firearms being bought by New Yorkers who want to defend themselves. But if this bill passes, we would be forced to risk our safety by waiting ten days, or face criminal charges!

*** Assemblyman Nick Perry’s legislation (A-581) which would force gun owners to obtain civil liability insurance before they could carry a handgun for self-defense!

This is utter madness, and completely unconstitutional. No insurance underwriter would issue this sort of coverage, meaning this legislation would effectively end ALL concealed carry in New York State, for those who can obtain a permit.

*** Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s legislation (A-476) which would make it a crime for anyone under 21 to possess a firearm, without exception. 

Under this legislation, your 20-year old daughter or granddaughter would be facing criminal charges if she shot a would-be rapist with your gun! Similarly, if your son or grandson was home on leave from Ft. Drum, he would be a criminal for something as simple as going hunting!

None of these bills would do a damn thing to stop criminals! Heck, it wouldn’t even slow them down. And we all know it.  

Afterall, we already have a total ban on magazines that hold over ten rounds, universal gun registration, and a ban on the sale of AR-15’s and hundreds of similar firearms — and violent crime is exploding statewide!

And the tyrannical bills I described above won’t be any different. But legislation like this isn’t being filed to even try to stop criminals. That’s not its purpose.

This legislation is designed by truly depraved politicians for one purpose: to invent as many crimes as possible, allowing anti-gun district attorneys in blue counties to harass as many gun owners as possible!

So please sign the petition we have prepared for you right away, opposing the entire gun control agenda in Albany!


As I mentioned earlier, there are a growing number of politicians in Albany who are worried that pushing gun control bills like the ones above may harm them greatly in November, especially if Biden’s poll numbers continue to tank.

In fact, insiders tell us that some Democrats are worried that pushing this hard may wind up costing them control of the State Senate, which may flip back in November.

So if we confirm their fears by flooding the legislature with calls, emails, and petitions from law-abiding gun owners, we can crush this agenda! But if we sit back and do nothing, the gun grabbers will be emboldened, and they will pass these bills!

That’s why it’s vital you complete your petition right away. But when you do, I hope you’ll include the biggest donation that you can possibly afford, so that we can mobilize hundreds of thousands of gun owners to crush these bills!

Your financial support will help NYSFA launch a massive multi-faceted plan to answer the gun-grabbers with a crushing amount of grassroots pressure, using a combination of:

  1. A series of hard-hitting digital ads in targeted districts across the state, so that gun owners in these areas can put extraordinary amounts of pressure on these politicians.
  2. Increasing the size of our email list to get the word out to an additional 100,000 gun owners, who can rapidly respond to these bills if they begin to move in Albany.
  3. Deploying massive rounds of direct mail (to ensure it’s not censored online) to rally even more gun owners into taking action to oppose this legislation.

But running this program at the size and scale that we need to be effective is going to be expensive, and we’re going to need your help to run this.     

So in addition to completing your petition against the gun control agenda in Albany, won’t you please agree to a generous contribution to the NYS Firearms Association TODAY?

In fact, given the stakes, I am hoping that you will make a major donation of $100 or even $250 to help us get this effort underway.

If Hochul and her allies decide to move on these bills, they can go from the Assembly to the Senate to her desk in as little as four days, so we must start flooding the legislature with opposition to these bills IMMEDIATELY!

So if $100 is not possible, please consider $75, $50 or at least $25 right away.

If we don’t push back — right now — the socialists in Albany are going to be convinced that gun owners across New York State have given up, and there will be no limit to the tyranny they try to inflict upon us!

I know that you haven’t given up. And I damn sure haven’t given up, either. But we need to get every single gun owner in New York State involved in this fight!

So please sign your petition right away — along with the most generous contribution you can afford!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. There are a massive number of gun control bills in play in Albany right now that would obliterate our gun rights! But there are a growing number of politicians who are concerned that pushing these bills may cost them their re-elections.

This means that if gun owners inundate the Capitol with opposition to these bills, we may be able to defeat the entire gun control agenda in Albany this year. So please sign your petition now!


And when you do, please include a very generous gift of $250, $100, $75, $50, or at least $25 so that we can hold the line in Albany!