Violence Exploding in NY State!

Thanks to the lethal policies that the radical socialists in the legislature have enacted across the state, violent crime is surging to epidemic levels across New York State!

These America-hating leftists created the perfect recipe for this by attacking law abiding gun owners, releasing thousands of violent predators onto our streets last year, and demonizing our cops.

As a result, New York State police are nervous about using any sort of force against criminals on the streets, which allows the criminals to run wild.

And since these animals know that few New Yorkers are armed thanks to New York’s fatal obsession with gun control, there is rarely anyone who can stop them!

The headlines speak for themselves.

Last month, a Rochester woman was murdered by a violent criminal who used a hatchet during a blitz attack on the street. In Albany, a man was attacked by a criminal using a machete! And at least 10 people were shot in Queens last weekend.

New York State desperately needs to pass Stand-Your-Ground law and give law abiding New Yorkers the ability to defend themselves from the criminals who are running our streets!

The NYS Firearm’s Association’s Stand-Your-Ground law would make criminals scared again, by: 

>>> Removing the requirement that a gun owner retreat from a violent criminal before taking defensive action, allowing you to ‘stand your ground.’

As any police officer or veteran will tell you, the last thing you should do in the face of a violent criminal who wants to beat, rape, or kill you is turn your back on them!

This bill would remove the requirement to retreat from ‘any    place you are lawfully present.’

>>> Providing critical criminal immunity protections to a gun owner who uses justifiable force in defense of his own or another’s life. 

The bill would clarify that if you used reasonable force and there is no probable cause that you broke the law, you can not be arrested just because some anti-gun prosecutor wants to make an example out of you.

This would spare gun owners the nightmare of facing decades in prison due to baseless, politically motivated criminal charges.

>>> Establishing equally important civil immunity protections to gun owners who use appropriate levels of force in self-defense.

Everyone has heard the stories of gun owners, forced to shoot a violent criminal, who were cleared in court, only to be hit with a $10 million civil suit by the criminal or his estate.

This bill would provide civil immunity to you, provided that the criminal investigation found no wrongdoing on your part.

>>> Including protections for gun owners who threaten to use force while attempting to deescalate a dangerous situation.

Right now, there are no legal protections for a gun owner who pulls his firearm in fear for his safety, but who does not have to pull the trigger because the criminal flees the scene.

This legislation would cover the threatened use of force, so long as the threat of that force was justified under the circumstances.

I’m sure you can agree that passage of this bill would be one of the most important things that we could ever do for gun owners here in New York State!

If there was ever a time for Stand-Your-Ground law, it’s now!

The arrogant and well-guarded politicians in Albany have created this explosion in violent crime, and now innocent New Yorkers are paying the price in blood.

And with cops leaving the state in droves — being chased out by Governor Hochul and Attorney General Tish James — almost every department in the state is short staffed right now.

Stand-Your-Ground law gives us a chance to fight back, without having to worry about being prosecuted for it as a result.

That’s why I hope you will sign the petition that we have prepared for you, so that we can build support for this critical legislation.

After you do, I hope that you will consider a generous donation to help the NYS Firearms Association continue working for gun owners in Albany!

You see, unlike our enemies at the Capitol, we don’t have a billionaire funding our efforts.

But our founding fathers didn’t have the rich and powerful on their side when they fought for our freedoms during the Revolutionary War on New York battlefields like Stony Point, Johnstown, and Ticonderoga! 

Patriotic Americans rose to the challenge then, and with your help, we are continuing that struggle for freedom today in New York State!

But your help would go a long way in enabling us to mobilize gun owners to support this legislation through social media campaigns, targeted direct mail, statewide email updates and more!

I know some of you can afford to give $250, $500 or even $1,000 to this effort, in fact, some of you already have.


If you have that ability, please know that with the New York State Firearms Association going on offense, now is the time for you to be as generous as possible! 

For others, I know that a gift of $75, $50 or $25 represents a true sacrifice.

The amount of your gift is up to you, of course. I only ask that if you can make a donation, that you do so right away.

Whatever you do, sign your petition in support of Stand-Your-Ground law at once!

For New York State,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. By attacking gun owners, demonizing cops, and releasing thousands of criminals onto our streets through their ‘bail reform’ nightmare, the radical socialists in Albany have created a perfect storm.

Now violent crime is spiraling out of control! New Yorkers need Stand-Your-Ground law, so we can defend ourselves against these super-predators

Sign your petition in support of this life-saving legislation today, and then make a generous donation so the New York State Firearms Association can continue to build support for it!