Watch: NYSFA Unveils Ad Against Deadly Gun Control Bill in Albany!

The gun control agenda being pushed in Albany has gone from unconstitutional to deadly, as the bills that we are opposing right now will get innocent people killed if they are signed into law.

One of the worst bills that has been filed in the legislature this session is Assembly Bill 412 — from Assemblywoman Amy Paulin — which makes it a CRIME for New Yorkers ages 18, 19, or 20 to touch a firearm for any reason other than hunting!

This means that if your 20-yr old daughter uses your handgun to shoot a home invader who is trying to rape and murder her when you are out of town, she would be facing criminal charges!

This is insane, and the NYS Firearms Association is doing everything we can to get the word out about this legislation, so that we can flood the legislature with calls and emails against it.

As part of that, we have just unveiled this digital ad exposing AB-412 — check it out below!

Legislation like this — which literally outlaws self-defense for anyone under the age of 21 — is a dream come true for violent criminals who want to prey on young women, because this law would leave them helpless!

Imagine how depraved you must be to file a bill like this!

But just because it’s depraved doesn’t mean this bill won’t move, given the America-hating socialists who run the show in Albany these days.

These people are willing to do anything, pass anything, to stick up for violent criminals, while trying to punish proud gun owners like you and me just because we love the Second Amendment.

 That’s why they supported last summer’s violent rioters, ended cash bail in New York State, and are trying to defund the police — while pushing for garbage legislation like this.

Please make an immediate donation to make sure that the NYS Firearms Association can get this ad in front of as many gun owners as possible, so we can flood the legislature with calls and petitions opposing this legislation!


You see, not only does this legislation prevent young New Yorkers from defending themselves, it also helps severe the tie between us and the next generation of gun owners.

You see, if AB-412 passes, it would be a crime for you to teach your children or grandchildren how to shoot, until they are 21.

I don’t know about you, but my love for the Second Amendment started when I was very young, being taught how to safely operate rifles, pistols, and shotguns by my Dad.

 And I now have the privilege and the responsibility of passing this love for freedom and the Second Amendment on to my sons and daughters — something I love to do.

That’s what Assemblywoman Paulin and her ilk want to stop: our love of freedom, and our passing this love of freedom down to our children.

Paulin knows that if the next generation isn’t taught these things at an early age, it won’t be long before there’s no one left to defend the Second Amendment, allowing crazed politicians to pass whatever gun control they want!

Please make a donation now, so we can get the word out about this bill!

Please don’t brush this off.

Paulin and her conference are gauging the resolve of gun owners, waiting to see if we mobilize against this bill, or not.

Make sure they know you are watching this bill very closely, and that you will hold anyone who supports it accountable at the ballot box.

Sign your petition against AB-412 here!

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For Freedom,


Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
NYS Firearms Association

P.S. New legislation in Albany would make it a crime for anyone under the age of 21 to defend themselves with a firearm! In other words, it would be a crime for your 20-year old to shoot a rapist or home invader!

Check out the NYSFA’s digital ad exposing this bill!

Help us get this ad in front of as many gun owners as possible, so we can flood the legislature with calls and emails in opposition to this bill, by making a generous donation NOW.

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